Lessons 9-12 How engineering ideas are born and how they travel

Objectives of the lessons:

9. lesson

After getting acquainted with the history, working individually and in groups:

  • analyze the history and raise hypotheses/ideas (1-3) how the problems might be solved;
  • perform the task in groups and provide ideas (1-2) why and how to improve soil conditions or how to improve air quality;
  • present and discuss your prepared works.

10-11 lessons

After having analyzed engineering tasks and information found i the worksheet, you will choose which problems(1st and 2nd task) you will solve: join (form) teams; organize the work in order to fulfill all conditions of the chosen task; prepare for presenting the project.

12 lesson

After having discussed the ways and rules of presenting projects, you will present and (self)-asses yours and others groups' projects works according to the discussed criteria.

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