Module "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" comprises of three topics: 1. “Autonomous Driving with Computer Vision” 2. “Machine Learning agents in Game Design” 3. “Robotic Arm and Computer Vision” Lesson materials that the consortium develops for the above-mentioned topics will comprise a 60 guided (classroom) hour module “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”. Lesson content includes learning material for students and teacher guidebook with step-by-step lesson plans, lists of common mistakes, and other methodological guidelines. The type, format and scope of skill and competence evaluation will be up to the teachers in each partner school to decide. The target group is 16-19 year old pupils involved in ICT studies at vocational education level (ISCED 4) who have basic programming skills. The secondary target group is ICT teachers at VET schools. The product will be available in English and these national languages: Lithuanian, Finnish, and German.